Our Products

In nature, plants of all sizes, colors and types grow side by side and together form a spectacular and colorful panorama of the landscape. We are guided by this diversity and we pack it carefully to reach you in perfect condition.

As packaging we use almost entirely metal food doses starting from 150 g to 2 kg.
Our packaging retains its aroma and is impermeable to light and air, offering consistent quality and extended shelf life for the product.


Walnuts kernels

We offer walnuts of Romanian origin accompanied by a certificate of conformity and quality.
  As packaging we use cans of 1, 1.8 and 2 kilograms or bulk at 10 kg.
  We offer:
-mix (in approximately equal proportions)

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Candied Walnuts

Our caramelized walnuts are carefully processed with German equipment, according to our own recipe.
  They can be used in the ice cream, pastry, chocolate or snacks industry.



Carefully picked from our Bukowina area, our berries always deserve to be in first place.

  We offer the following berries in fresh, dried or frozen state:
- cranberries
- cranberries


Herbal Products

Here you will find, in dry form:

  Primula flowers
  Arnica Montana
  Spruce needles
  Pine needles


Boletus Edulis Bukowina Area

Boletus Edulis

We offer boletus edulis in the form:

  1.   Fresh:

  •   halves

  • whole

  • Piccolino

  • medium

From June to November

  2.In dry form:

  • Quality 1 and two packed in a bag or jar weighing from 30 gr to 10 kg.

 3.In frozen form:

  •  cubes quality 1 and 2.




  • Fresh

  • Dried