Pine needles TEA

  •   Rich in Vitamin C

  •   Rich in Vitamin A.

  •   Contains Antioxidants

  •   Brings you clarity and mental clearness

  •   Slow the aging process.

 Lucas Wald Produkte is one of the largest producers of pine needles in Eastern Europe.


  Pine needles are carefully harvested from the wild forests of the Carpathians.  After that they are dried, cleaned, packaged and distributed worldwide.

  Few people know the extraordinary benefits of spruce needles. Offering four to five times the amount of vitamin C found in a lemon, pine needle tea has long been considered a favorite medicine of indigenous peoples and is said to have helped European scurvy settlers survive the first winter in the New World.

  Vitamin C is an essential element of the immune system because it stimulates the production of white blood cells and has antioxidant qualities that help prevent chronic diseases. In addition, vitamin C is a crucial component of collagen, needed to create new cells, muscles, tissues and blood vessels.

 It is rich in vitamin A, an antioxidant essential for healthy eyesight, regenerates skin and hair and produces red blood cells.

The organic compounds in pine needle tea help support the circulatory system and the growth of red blood cells, thus increasing organ oxygenation, stimulating energy levels and preventing anemia, fatigue, muscle

pain and cognitive impairment.


 One of the most common applications of this tea is the prevention or treatment of respiratory diseases. In addition, it is recommended for relieving inflammation of the respiratory tract, which helps relieve coughs, sore throats and more serious respiratory conditions such as asthma.


 Pine has proven to be an excellent expectorant, helping to remove excess mucus from the respiratory tract, while neutralizing any pathogens or bacteria found in your sinuses.


 Pine needle tea is useful to treat:

- heart disease;

- veins affected by varicose veins;

- muscle fatigue;

- sclerosis;

- kidney problems;

- strengthens the eye nerves;

- eye treatment refers to diseases that have affected the

-connective muscles of the eyes;

- gangrene treatment;

- has an effect on the smooth muscles that surround the

blood vessels.


 Preparation: Heat a cup of water until almost boiling, pour it over a tablespoon of needles and let it infuse, covered, for 5 to 10 minutes, until most of the needles are left on the bottom of the cup.For a greater effect, you can boil a cup of water, add a tablespoon of cut needles, then cover and let the needles boil for another 2-3

minutes. Take it off the heat and let it reach the temperature at which you can drink it. Although this process causes the taste to be much stronger, it releases even more therapeutic compounds.


 It is not recommended for pregnant women or those who want to become pregnant.



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Pine needles
Pine needles

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Pine needles
Pine needles

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